Have you turned a job loss into a better situation?

March 17, 2011

you're firedNot long ago, I was in a sticky layoff situation. There was one job for two people, and although I was the clear winner in terms of ambition, quality of product and commitment, I also had the lesser amount of seniority. I was given the axe. (Luckily, I have since found another job in a better situation.)

I’ve been in other messy firing situations — giving my supervisor a bad, yet honest, report about my friend’s work product; and overhearing that another friend of mine was going to be fired, and internally debating whether or not I should say anything to him. So it was interesting to see a recent article at Forbes.com about that same issue — people finding themselves in complicated job-loss situations, whether their the fire-er or the fire-ee.

The story details a few common situations: A supervisor, who’s also a friend, getting selected to fire the lackluster employee; cutbacks forcing managers to lay off talented employees; standing up to an office bully, only to find yourself being the one asked to leave.

As with my situation, though, hindsight is really 20/20, and after you leave a job, you often realize how much better off you are. You often find yourself in a more creative position, or with the drive to go into business for yourself.

Have you ever found yourself in that situation? And, if you were the one getting let go, were you able to use the situation to your advantage?

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