4 Tips for Using Goal Setting to Create a Clear Path to Leadership

November 18, 2011

Becoming a leader means developing the right skills to achieve more in your career and in life. How you think about things can dictate what direction you are headed as a professional in your field. In order to give yourself the best possible advantage as a leader, this direction should include a method of clear goal setting.

Think of goals as roads to specific places you want to go. Sometimes those roads may head straight towards mountains, which to many people are barriers to success. By strategically working towards specific and measurable goals, you can attain greater things and find ways to get through these obstacles.

Here are some helfpul tips for using goal setting to create a path to true leadership.

Plan for the future. There are many good reasons to start becoming a planner, when it comes to being an effective leader. The best leaders plan things out in a strategic way so that goals can be attained in steps. This means seeing the bigger picture, and making plans to address future needs and requirements. If all else fails, or in times when you become overwhelmed, go back to your plan and follow these steps to success.

Write out goals. A plan for goal setting is only as good as the paper you write it on. Give your goals “life” by writing them down. Use these goals as the basis for the actions you will take to reach each link in the chain of success. As you meet each step, check it off your list and move onto the next item. Come back often to ensure your goals are taking you where you want to go, or if you find an opportunity you want to explore to ultimately become a great leader.

Anticipate change. Life has a way of throwing us curveballs at times, and this can be a positive thing in the end. Make sure your goals are not so strict that you have no wiggle room to anticipate and effectively deal with changes that may occur. Very often, you will need to refer back to your written goals to re-evaluate if they are working for you or if you need to go in a better direction. Be flexible and reasonable as you go through this process to find solutions.

Be accountable. This is the time to seek out mentors and accountability partners as you develop into a leader of tomorrow. Ever notice how thriving business leaders tend to be part of networking groups and committees? This is the key to not only learning from other leaders, but also a way to sustain your success through a supportive community. Choose people who encourage you to be better at what you do, and will hold you to it when you say you are going to achieve something.

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