Engaging Employees in the Workplace Through e-Learning

December 2, 2011

A successful business of today depends on having employees on board who have up-to- date skills and knowledge to do the job well. With technology and information changing at breakneck speeds, this means being able to address the educational needs of staff on a continual basis. By providing on the job learning opportunities, companies can stay ahead of industry trends and engage employees to be their very best.

One of the solutions to the problem of how to train and keep employees engaged is e-learning. This method of informational delivery allows access to educational modules and testing centers from the convenience of an Internet connected computer. e-Learning works well for companies of the present day because this offers many advantages over traditional on the job training programs.

For example, e-Learning provides flexible, on-demand access around the world, self-paced learning, and immediate gratification for employees who participate. It is much more cost effective because it does not require travel nor does it require expensive materials and tuition. Most e-Learning can take place in a pre-recorded setting or a live meeting held over the web (also called a webinar), with multiple topics covered by a single team or instructors. This creates a consistency of information and learning for all employees who participate, engaging and bringing them together in more productive teams.

Additional advantages of using e-Learning are that it allows for immediate feedback to employees who participate, while management gets to see what the competency levels of each employee includes. This provides more ways to utilize the unique skills of all employees, which can help in terms of employee succession planning and business growth. e-Learning is also easy to update and improve as needs change, making it highly adaptable to the demands of a changing market.

The way in which e-Learning engages employees is that it can empower them to succeed early on, if it is encouraged from day one. For more seasoned staff, e-Learning can be a way to prove the attainment of skills in black and white. This fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment in all levels of employees, from new hires to long term personnel. e-Learning can very often be the catalyst for identifying and making positive change in areas where there were previously unclear guidelines.

As business continues to move towards a more global model, the need for e-Learning will also grow. By engaging employees through online learning modules, your business can be ahead of the trends by engaging employees through e-Learning initiatives.

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