The Four Components of Business L.O.V.E.

April 13, 2012

As we look at these early stages of the year, we can see some good things happening. Everything is greening up and opportunities and growth are still part of our mission and guiding principles. In How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age, the newest Carnegie bestseller, we realize just how critical relationship and friends are for success.

In Chapter 4, Begin in a Friendly Way, it is instantly realized by the reader that being a good friend grows great friendships. Agreement is always the critical aspect of moving forward and maximizing organizational partnering. As stated early in the chapter, a friendly greeting always has a message of importance and value. There is great power in this as people work together.

Although not necessarily integrated from this chapter, it has been derived from the importance of growth in professional relationships. It is important to have L.O.V.E. in every decision and in every interaction. This is not love in the romantic sense, but it is a way to remember that respect and understand is, above all things the secret to success. This acronymwe call L.O.V.E. has power.

  • L: Listening is a must in every relationship. In fact, listening gives everyone a chance to explain both goals and objectives, and decisions are always much better when the whole picture is clearly understood.
  • O: Observing how and why something is presented is critical in exchanging ideas. Non-verbals or body language must be assessed as well. It is not so much what is said as how it is said that needs to be paid attention to even in the quickest of conversations.
  • V: Voice and the chance to express it make all the difference in the world when a message needs to be remembered and reacted upon.
  • E: Enthusiasm is a base ingredient to establishing opportunities that make people more successful. It is enthusiasm that sets the tone in every situation. And it is as highly contagious as it is welcomed.

In every relationship, as with every friendship, there has to be the clear need for heartfelt engagement. As it says at the end of Chapter 4, “Winning friends (always) begins with friendliness.” Put a little L.O.V.E. right into the heart of both selling and leadership the next time you have a conversation and only good things will happen.


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