5 Tips for Making Presentations Pop

April 26, 2012

Do you have an upcoming presentation that you fear more than death itself? You are not alone. According to multiple studies conducted by social scientists and psychologists, people are terrified by the prospect of getting in front of others to do a presentation, even if it’s about a topic they know well. The use of slide shows, which were greatly enhanced by computerized versions, have made it less stressful to do a live presentation. The trick is knowing how to use slide shows to deliver your presentation without letting them take over.

Popular slideshow software has enabled many more people to share ideas in a visual way. In fact, many of the products today have built-in templates, designs and tips to make them more useful. Yet, still, sometimes inexperienced or well-meaning presenters go overboard in their use of slide shows. We want you to do this the right way.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you make better use of slide shows in your presentation to make it “pop”.

Tip 1 – Choose a slide show that’s friendly in multiple formats. One of the ways that slide shows can best serve you is as a true information source that can be viewed by multiple computers, operating systems, and even mobile devices. This is especially true if you need to share this info with others virtually or by using different projectors or laptops on the go. Make sure your slide shows maintain their integrity across all mediums.

Tip 2 – Select a simple template for your slide show. When it comes to creating a slide show, the simpler the better in terms of the actual design template you choose. This is to allow the content on the slides to be displayed in a way that is easy for viewers to see. Try a simple template in a professional color with a white background and dark lettering for the best results.

Tip 3 – Avoid too much content on your slides. Speaking of content; your slides are not meant to include every word you will speak during your presentation. Instead, use bullet lists and short phrases of key points you will make. Include only one image per slide if you need more impact to illustrate a point.

Tip 4 – Organize and break up topics. When it comes to complex topics you will be presenting, remember that you must organize your topic in a natural flow of information. Break topics up, and include one concept per slide in a reasonable order that you will discuss this with your audience, with time to pause in between to ask audience questions.

Tip 5 – Use slide show to support, not lead your presentation. The purpose of your slides is not to be used as a set of cue cards, to keep looking at while you give your verbal presentation. Instead, treat your slide show as a supplement material to show viewers to help difficult concepts sink in.

By following the above tips for making a slide show better, you will get the most out of this amazing presention tool, and keep your audience interested.

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