The 5 Challenges for Professional Change

May 3, 2012

In this economy, it can happen at any time; professional change has no set calendar and no set start or finish time. When someone loses a job, the world instantly becomes a tougher place. But with a degree of optimism and an alignment with opportunity, this type of change can be managed.

Henry Ford once said this,” The only prosperity the people can afford to be satisfied with is the kind that lasts.” Change is inevitable. Adjustments in careers can happen quickly and you must be ready when they take place.

Dale Carnegie in his classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People, suggests you appreciate every situation as a positive experience and learn from it. Moving forward without criticisms, complaints, and regrets is essential to getting a chance to renew and grow. In fact, in Carnegie’s book, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, the ingredients of seeing humor in everything and counting blessings are considered the best techniques to assess both security and happiness.

With these positive thoughts in mind, the following realities of professional change must always be considered:

  • Failure is common: What is uncommon is finding within yourself the willingness to start anew.
  • Expect both bottlenecks and obstacles: Although there is no clear and straight path to a new position, handling each one as unique makes more sense than handling numerous problems all at once.
  • Creativity is powerful: Assess your strengths and follow your passion. Together they give you a guide to reassessing direction.
  • Attitude is everything: Staying upbeat and focusing on a plan will allow you time to think of not only progress but process. Document and define direction before taking action.
  • Networking is critical: Attending events with people of like interests will give you additional opportunity to be as visible as you can be as you assess what you need to do.

Maximizing relationships when employed will really help when a change occurs. Maintain your contact lists, so that in tougher times you can quickly count on the help you need to move into different opportunities. Being prepared is the best plan to improve your career path.

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