5 Key Aspects of Functional Leadership in Organizations

June 26, 2012

Leadership, management and organizations are just like anything else in life. Imperfection does exist and mistakes can be made. It is very interesting to note that there are reams of information about dysfunctional leadership within organizations, and it is very easy to access that research. Even more interesting is the fact that there is far less information and research about functional leadership.

The Carnegie principles always focus on the people side of the business. Creating opportunity is integral to success and leaders across the country need to focus on functionality and adaptability. Each day the organization must move forward learning from the moment. The views, goals, and plans of every aspect of the organization depend on it. A functional leader does the good things well and tries to improve on the mistakes that are always certain to take place. As we all know, great leaders are few and far between; but trying to get to consistently good and even great is the challenge of every one of us as leaders and managers.

Here are some aspects of functional leadership:

  • Having an open office and doing cube and group visits give the chance to learn from every area of the organization.
  • Aligning employees together for a singular mission allows the chance for everyone to deliver what they promise.
  • Treating everyone equally gives organization the foundation for both goals and objectives.
  • Sharing projects means sharing profits; it makes sense for cross training and responsibilities that are flexible and learnable. Profitability comes from the collective team-driven effort.
  • Giving support across all the teams means training, materials, and tools; as well as giving people the trust, autonomy and respect needed to complete every task.

If the focus is always on doing well, it usually will come with a focus on trying to do great. Functional leaders want to be respected and want the creativity to flow with motivation and productivity. At the heart of functional leadership is common sense. These leaders execute as normal course of business.


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