July 9, 2012

Selling for a living is truly something we all do every single day. Across the country, no matter the organization, there is some degree of sales and marketing involved. Sales drive a multitude of factors within every business.

Successful selling involves an array of both skill and knowledge. When you think about it, we do a lot of selling in both our professional and personal lives. Within every relationship, there is a degree of selling that has to happen to achieve both goals and objectives. Let’s look at what S.A.L.E.S. mean to our businesses and to our partnerships:

  • S: Sincerity is the soul of any relationship and it is indeed a foundation of selling product and services. Truth and openness can often mean the clear opportunity to serve others.
  • A: Assertiveness is the driver and closer in many selling situations. A lot of clients say no to a purchase because the sales professional did not give them enough reasons to say yes. It is perfectly okay in these situations to find and isolate the objection and allow the client to move forward.
  • L: Leadership is the minds of good salespeople as long as servitude is the delivery. The client’s needs and wants come first before profitability.
  • E: Excellence is both the mission and the core values of every sales professional. Within each transaction, there is a high standard of behavior and action that must always be adhered to in every situation.
  • S: Satisfaction is paramount for both the client and the salesperson. Communication is the tool that brings clarity and minimizes misdirected expectations.

Selling for a living is indeed what we all do each and every day. As the Carnegie Principles always focus on, the people side of the business brings the greatest enjoyment and career fulfillment.


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