The Sales Career: Fast and Full of Change

August 27, 2012

The sales career is one that is fast and full of change. And because of that fact, many in the profession simply do not make it. It can become becomes another career “do over” for some who just are trying sales; for some individuals, they can leave the business and start over in a new career. It does not matter if it is where. It happens.

Within the sales arena, we need to do a lot of “overs” in both growth and opportunity. Here are four areas of potential problems, if managed correctly they can really can help both income and client base and take salespeople “over” to success:

  • Over proactive: Clients appreciate salespeople taking the lead, but being pushy, or worse very pushy; will usually push the client off the phone or out the door without a sale.
  • Over friendly: Sometimes the best of us will fake friendly or pretend to like someone just to get a lead or sale. Sincerity and honesty are key ingredients in truly being friendly. Never overdo it.
  • Over training: Learn one new thing every day that will help improve performance. Attend a Dale Carnegie Course and learn the latest selling strategies. Learn a little every day. Training means success.
  • Over thinking: Keep things simple and focused. In a sales call, take things a minute at a time and do not over complicate any aspect of the situation by thinking ahead.

Consider OVER an acronym:

  • O: Optimism is always part of sales and client acquisition. Being positive regardless of initial outcomes can make a difference in career success.
  • V: Vision is important as we see our daily, weekly, and monthly goals meld into income and prosperity.
  • E: Energy is critical as you establish your business and develop your client base.
  • R: Results do not usually happen overnight. Give sales a clear chance because it often takes time to achieve definable goals.

Selling drives our economy and our future. It is the one profession that indeed pays off over time. And it
is one long overdue with promise in this economy.


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