3 Tips for Effective Leadership

September 14, 2012

We are all judged by how productive we are at our jobs. Even if you are self-employed and don’t have superiors keeping track of your performance, rest assured that your clients are! The bottom line is you have to produce results.

But no matter what type of leader you are, it is important to remember that you will not only be judged by your performance, but also by the people you hire, the way you dress and how up-front and honest you are with your employees and team members. And while it is great to be able to motivate others to follow you, you will have a better chance of earning their respect and getting them to follow you if you lead by example.

Here are 3 quick tips for you to consider from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training:

1. Dress for Success — The reality is: Your appearance does matter. The clothes and shoes you wear, the company you keep and the car you drive all contribute to first impressions, and—like it or not—we all know that someone’s overall impression is critical. People care about how you look, and they make a judgment about whether or not they should buy, hire or promote you. The same holds true for your employees and team members when it comes to following your lead and directives.

2. Get Your People Involved With Solutions — When a problem or opportunity comes up, your team will be better prepared if they have had the opportunity to participate in discussions early-on in the decision making process. Yes, management still has to make the final decision, but people will embrace the solution if they have had the opportunity to make suggestions by sharing their opinions — even if they do not agree with management’s final decision.

3. Be Transparent With Your Team — Employees, clients and vendors function better when they are kept in the loop and given straight answers — even if the answers are ones they do not want to hear. We’re not referring to divulging strategic alliances or sensitive information, but most things you work on are pretty well known throughout the rank and file. With that said, you might as well be up front by giving them a heads-up on what is going on rather than having them speculate through the grapevine or rumor mill about what is happening.

Take some time this week and reflect on these tips. Consider what people think of you, including the way you dress, your problem-solving techniques and your communication skills. These are all part of how people perceive you, and will directly affect how you interact with them each day. Indeed, it is the key to both your success and the organization’s success.

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