Qualities of Leadership

October 23, 2012

Leadership is at the root of all successes.  If you work hard, use resources, and have the drive to be a good leader, you can achieve great results.  Leadership is defined as driving or directing a group, but it’s also much more than that.

When a business has solid leadership, they have more sales, a happier team, better customer service, and innovative ideas.  A strong leader is attentive, and pays attention to all facets of the business.  Through a few additional techniques, an even better leader can emerge, and propel your team to great accomplishments.

  • Communication: Solid leaders are the ones who listen.  Paying attention to the company, your employees, and your customers is key to a positive outcome.  Keep employees and clients informed, and never withhold important information.  Respond to everyone in a kind, timely manner, and make sure that all questions are answered to the best of your ability.  A good leader realizes that they may not have all the answers, but they communicate with others to find the best ideas and opinions.
  • Understanding:  You cannot be a good leader if you don’t understand your business or your goals.  The most successful leaders never undertake anything without a plan in place and a goal in mind.  Take the time to fully understand your business, which includes your customer outreach, demographics, marketing, and more.  Create some attainable goals, and enact a few plans to make those goals into reality.
  • Be an Example: When we respect a leader, we look up to them, and hope to emulate their behavior and actions.  Be the kind of leader that you would want to admire.  Make smart decisions, treat people with respect, and take charge in a rational, assertive way.
  • Use What You Have: Leaders are leaders because they can recognize strengths and weaknesses in others and themselves.  Play to the best of your team or organization, and make decisions around those strengths.  Determine where everyone shines, and put them in a place where they can best succeed.  This is great for the leader, as the best work comes when the best people are employed to do it; it’s also important for  employees, as their skills are being recognized for good.

Leadership takes responsibility, awareness of the business, and respect.


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