5 Questions that Build Both Confidence and Enthusiasm

May 7, 2013

ambro coupleNo matter what role you have in the organization, two ingredients of both personal and professional success must be integrated into every activity and every task. It is through both confidence and enthusiasm that goals and objectives get completed here in Philadelphia. Success must come from within every day. Although external factors can play a major role in day-to-day responsibility, the daily drive to excellence must always come from within.

It is much easier to win friends and influence people through the rock-solid Carnegie Principles when positive attitude and communication are present. It just makes sense to work in teams or make decisions with others when people are friendly, confident, determined, open-minded, and optimistic.

Enthusiasm and confidence indeed come from sincerity and a positive attitude. It is very true that in businesses and in organizations, attitude is everything. A smile and open personality combine to open a lot of doors and they are factors in resolving problems and minimizing conflict.

Equally important is the fact that good people need to surround themselves with positive people. Attitudes can be both engaging and contagious. The influence of others can go a long way.

Ask yourself the following five questions:

  • How can this situation become a learning opportunity?
  • Who can I help get better today?
  • How can I share successes and grow in the right directions?
  • What is my mission as a leader and as a team player?
  • What is the other person’s perspective?

As human beings, we often can be prone to both excuses and reasons to give up, or we often think in negative terms. It is all about choice. It is all about opportunity, and it is all about confidence. Remember that it is about results not excuses.

Attitude, enthusiasm, and confidence can change businesses and careers. Follow the path that is driven by good people, and good things will always happen!


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Photo: Ambro, freedigitalphotos.net

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