Five Keys to Employee Development

June 25, 2013

jzcreationsz teamAcross Philadelphia, we expect continued success and growth in all of our businesses. The Dale Carnegie Principles support and create the right environment and strengthen both the culture and the climate of every organization.  But there is no more important aspect of organizational success here in our part of Philadelphia than employee development. If development and improvement are considered to be critical investments, then there are increased opportunities for each employee to have the chance to contribute, achieve additional job satisfaction, and stay longer in the organization as loyal and productive members of the team. But it has to be remembered that employee development is a never ending process that takes an enormous amount of leadership skill to pursue this improvement.

These five keys of focus make the challenges a little easier:

  • Finding good people: Development indeed starts with recruiting. Good interviews, good questions, good interaction, and good responses make for potential employees. In recruiting, it must all be focused on mutual opportunity.
  • Training:  A smartphone and a desk top computer are only two aspects of an employee’s first week. Training is critical. It is imperative that the new employee gets integrated into the culture   quickly in the efforts to build a level of morale that lasts well into the future.
  • Coaching: It is a good idea to place a seasoned, more experienced employee with the new one for the first week to a month. These mentoring “coaches” could get bonuses based on the new employee’s first year of productivity. The organization wins every time.
  • Flexibility: In leaner times, people do more. It makes sense to develop people who can back up others and maintain continuity during vacations, illness, and increased workload.
  • Open Communication: Any employee should have the opportunity to walk into a superior’s office and get both support and help. No one person, regardless of the level of responsibility, should ever be too busy to listen and respond. The response might have to come later, but the listening should be immediate.     

Employee Development and true employee involvement are not only keys to success, but are integral to the foundation of any organization. The willingness to help and serve new and existing employees to learn is a priceless aspect of success.


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