7 Ingredients to Productive Meetings

July 16, 2013

adamr meetingsDale Carnegie Training of Philadelphia knows that no one here in our part of the country loves it when a mandatory meeting pops up on the Google calendar. These meetings are tough, usually longer in nature, and everyone needs to be present. It often interrupts the normal schedule and it might involve a longer stay, a different commute, and maybe even a babysitter. If it involves others flying in or commuting from longer distances, there is great probability that the meeting will not start on time or that it will run longer than scheduled.

This scenario happens all the time here in Philadelphia, because good people are busy. They are often coming in early and leaving later in the efforts to catch up with the daily activities. It is tough to attend meetings and then recover those hours back just to stay on top of the workload. But what is the hard working professional to do?

Dale Carnegie Training knows that meetings are not going away. There still is a great need, as we head into the second half of 2013, to develop ideas and share them in large and small groups, and it is great to see and talk to those individuals you work with beyond the phone, text and e-mail.

If you must have a meeting, please consider the following seven ingredients to successful and productive meetings:

  • Only have a meeting if there is a set purpose that includes goals and objectives.
  • Distribute an agenda to all everyone 24 hours prior to the meeting date and time.
  • Start the meeting as scheduled on time and end it on time.
  • Invite only the team members that need to be there unless it is necessary to invite everyone.
  • Have new business and action items prepared ahead of time for both evaluation and discussion.
  • Have everyone in the room turn off their phones.
  • Make sure a note taker/ recorder and a time manager are present and documenting activity.

Within 48 hours after the meeting has concluded, send an abstract or summary to all attendees and set the topics and assignments for the next meeting.

Remember leadership needs to make every meeting as productive as possible. Success is always team-driven. Good meetings are great learning tools.


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