Employee Engagement Means Success

July 30, 2013

An organizational phenomenon is taking place across a good part of America and much of Philadelphia. Because our economy is a cautious one, consumer confidence is still a little weary as prices for bread, milk and gas continue to rise.

Out of necessity and with a high degree of common sense, many companies are now more focused than ever with getting the most from every employee in the organization. Aptly called employee engagement, this philosophy continues to grow in 2013. In most 20th Century organizations, leadership and management typically ordered something done and the employee listened and did it. Now every suggestion and idea can be considered regardless of position and level.

With the strategy of employee engagement, especially in meetings, collaboration is now at the heart of successful goals and objectives. With some freedom, employees can now solve problems without the complete overseeing of management level personnel. Team discussions are a major ingredient of process improvement and much can now be accomplished through the efforts of the collective workforce. Employee engagement can create performance and success.

Leadership must always ask:

  • What do we need to accomplish?
  • What activities and processes are necessary for success?
  • What will we learn from our people and how will we be different because of them?

Employee engagement is a powerful business tool for both improvement and planning. With mission and effort, engagement is the best foundation for success.

Employee Engagement:

  • Sets the business climate and creates avenues for opportunities.
  • Clarifies purpose.
  • Organizes resources.
  • Creates across the board participation.

Dale Carnegie Training focuses on employee engagement in every aspect of what we do. The encouragement of collaboration continues to grow. Dale Carnegie was right all along. Engagement means success.


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