5 Steps to Successful Problem Solving

November 6, 2013

Every organization has an occasional problem to solve.  It is important to note that problem solving in the workplace is a “must have” skill that involves leadership, engaged employees, and opportunity. It is critical as we close in on the end of the year, and it is essential for organizations in 2014. Pro-activity means problem management and accurate solutions.

Dale Carnegie Training believes that successful problem solving always brings change. And change in most every situation brings increased success. It is not so much that problem solving is important in today’s business; it is the fact that it must be effective and documentable.

In business it is critical to:

  • Assess the history of the problem: How long has the situation existed? Has it happened before?
  • Review the current situation: Look for solutions within the problem. Get the team involves. Communication is essential.
  • Choose alternatives that support change: Create and define ways to solve the issue. Always have more than one in hand. Evaluate every avenue.  
  • Pick the best one: During the assessment period, one solution typically pops out. Discuss all aspects with everyone involved. Get a discussion going and move forward.  
  • Implement: Test the solution to make sure it makes sense and that it will work. If it does not, go back to bullet one and begin anew.

It is a formula that works across a variety of organizations. Find the problem, react to it, and resolve it quickly and effectively. It can mean the difference between success and failure.

Of course we know that organizational change is never easy. It takes solid communication and effective meetings to bring results. Defining the problem and taking the time to manage it are critical components for growth. It begins with understanding the value of the employee and engaging each one on the team. Employees are the source of a voluminous amount of information. Leaders just need to ask. Solutions to big problems are often just a question away from solutions.

Employee engagement drives the success every time.


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