3 Areas of Sales Success

December 10, 2013

sales 3 digital artAs we head into 2014, big changes are gearing up for the New Year. The markets are climbing in the right direction. There is an uptick in local employment around our area, and the price of gas, although up and down, is not anywhere near four dollars a gallon as it can be at times. It is the time for optimism. And it is a good time in this economy for salespeople.

In a positive environment sales people can create their own success. It has been often said that sales is an easy profession. But it is challenging because it involves self-motivation and direction.

Three areas of professional sales success involve very simple variables:

  • Sales growth: Selling is a relationship business that involves cooperation. The stronger the relationships, the stronger the salesperson. By paying attention to every customer and getting referrals, growth is almost a certainty.
  • 24 Hours: On any given day, every day, it is critical to stay focused on productivity. Spending effort with little or no results will often challenge the most dedicated professional. If cold calling is not working, we can offer the correct Dale Carnegie Training that supports success.
  • Income: Money makes living possible. To paraphrase Mr. Carnegie, winning sales and influencing success comes from making an income. If we are working a lot of hours and we are making very little in return, the sales career will end before it ever can grow.

Sale growth, time and income determine success and opportunity. Selling moves our economy in the right direction. Without salespeople, the economy here and across the country would be worse. As Dale Carnegie once said with much forethought: ”Letting people talk, allows you to listen.”

If we focus on getting better and keep doing what we do best; everyone benefits.


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