8 Leadership Qualities that Stand Out

January 3, 2014

Leadership as a skill depends heavily on qualities and abilities. Every leader is different, yet the success of a leader depends on a multitude of interpersonal ingredients that align together to create action and opportunity. Employees and managers alike watch leadership on a day-to-day basis to see what it is doing in support of goals and objectives. There is a clear effect on both productivity and morale that depends solely on how people are engaged through the efforts of leadership to grow and build the organization.

Dale Carnegie Leadership focuses on the following eight important qualities and abilities:

  • Motivation: The ability to move people forward on both good and bad days is essential to team success.
  • Education: Every day is a learning day and coaching makes the difference.
  • Connection: Likeability and influence help to create better relationships.
  • Execution: Getting things done regardless of the situation is a hallmark leadership skill.
  • Communication: The true driver of both goals and objectives is the spoken and written word.
  • Trust: Hard to earn and easy to lose; a good leader must always have a high degree of this valuable attribute.
  • Confidence: Poise and self-assurance in every situation brings people together.
  • Understanding: Across the ranks, leaders must know everyone and every position. The true expert holds key responsibility.

Although the abilities of leadership often are personal and internal, what people see is what people know. Good leaders pay attention to concerns and ideas and maximize employee engagement to grow both people and organization.

The Dale Carnegie Principles are simple and very true. Good leadership is successful leadership.


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