Develop a Positive Mission Statement for Success

February 5, 2014

ID-10041029The key to success lies in developing a mission statement that is personal and positive. Keep your mission statement short and to the point such as “I am an exceptional leader.” Then, after every sales meeting, you should quickly review your mission statement and ask yourself if you conducted yourself in a manner befitting your statement and that helps you become the ideal leader you have envisioned.

Once you have developed a mission statement like this you should review it and upgrade it regularly. Refine it and add additional qualities to it that clearly define the criteria you’ve already listed. Let it become your professional statement of beliefs and a guide to your behavior in all your interactions with others. Then, each day you can evaluate your behaviors and compare them against the standard that you have set in this statement.

Over time you will find yourself shaping your words into actions and conforming your behaviors so that you are more and more like the ideal person you have defined. You will create within yourself the kind of leader and personality that you most admire in others.

You can start developing your personal mission statement today by asking yourself what your team members would look for in leadership qualities from you. What could you do to deliver the qualities your team is looking for? Reassure yourself with a constant flow of positive messages that ascribe to your goals and the person you want to be.


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