6 Signals of Healthy Leadership

February 18, 2014

vlado leadershipGood leadership is good business. For clients, employees, suppliers, and even competition, solid leadership is good for the entire area as we continue to focus on local and regional economies. Across Dale Carnegie Training, we spend a good deal of supporting professional lives and strategizing how leadership is defined and assessing the quality of this critical skill. Here in our area, we want both leadership and management to be successful so employees and organizations benefit.

If the leadership is not successful, then the business is challenged in a number of ways. The entire team struggles and profits are lost.

Here are six signals that leadership is healthy and effective:

  • Trust and respect: As leadership goes, so does the entire organization. Trust is a key ingredient. A belief in trust is earned and it must grow every single day.
  • Engagement: Caring about people, values, mission, guiding principles and culture are integral to the strength of good leadership. Being involved is essential to success.
  • Positive: Business should be an encouraging activity. Relationships and strategy blends every day and together they build success.
  • Responsibility: Leaders must be caretakers in the organization, Involvement is critical. Concern, visibility, and accountability go hand-in-hand.
  • Excellent communication skills: Message is everything.  People follow who they believe in.
  • Consistent decision making: Decisions involve employees and direction. Wise ones make sense and build profits. Understanding the big picture and taking  time to assess the problem or decision with others is important to leadership.

Leadership that is healthy can create opportunity for every single individual in the company. Paying attention to employees and management in a positive way and involving everyone in the organization makes more than sense; it makes success. Winning friends and influencing people are key Carnegie Principles. Once applied, good things happen.


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