8 Ways to Motivate and Engage Employees

April 22, 2014

Photostock engagedMotivation is important to organizational success, not only here across our area, but across the country. Keeping people motivated is often considered an important management skill.  As Dale Carnegie Training assesses motivation as a principal driver of achievement, we believe it is never about position or pay. Motivation is about leadership. By giving employees a sense of purpose, gratification, and recognition, opportunity is possible. Everyone shares in the activities of leadership.

Good leaders motivate and engage in these eight ways:

  • Building relationships through empowerment
  • Being humble and focused on people
  • Adapting to the speed of change
  • Accepting accountability for issues and concerns
  • Keeping promises and telling the truth
  • Serving and facilitating avenues for opportunity
  • Turning problems into solutions
  • Listening for answers

In Chapter Three of the Dale Carnegie classic, The Leader in You, a leader’s recognition is critical and gives the employee a very real sense of purpose. Aligning people with valuable, mutually important goals increases motivation and gets them to focus on success. Every leader skilled in motivation asks questions, allows decisions and opinions, and uses encouragement to show the workforce that trust and respect are part of the organizational culture.

Being considered an important part of the organization increases individual performance and improves morale. The company’s core values, guiding principles and vision need to highlight the necessity of teamwork and effort. By allowing employees the chance to embrace what they are a part of as they grow in responsibility, makes the business better and more productive.

Employee engagement and involvement are not new leadership concepts.  Once these important principles are understood and realized by everyone, they become a part of performance and performance process. Including everyone ensures success from top to bottom. The whole organization is involved and committed to achieve important goals and objectives. And that is the heart of motivation.


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