6 Attributes Found in Successful Organizations

July 11, 2014

Renjith Krishnan orgOrganizations exist everywhere in our area and across the nation and the globe. They are next door and down the street and range from churches to restaurants.  No one can grab a cup of coffee, buy a car, eat lunch, stop at the grocery store, or go to the gym without the retail face and brand of the company on the building or interior walls. We are all organizational by human definition. We are an aggregate of a variety of social systems that begin with family. It is important to note that there are three variables that are common to every successful organization. They are active listening, understanding and communicating.

Organizations and communication must be considered interpersonal partners for both growth and opportunity. It is essential to remember that if leadership communicates and listens to the employees and customers they serve, and involves them in problem solving and decision making, the end results are often success and profitability. Communication is successful only through understanding and listening. It is all about the retention of the message and the follow through or action.

Solid Carnegie- driven organizations have the following six attributes:

  • People who pay attention to detail
  • Gather information
  • Work together towards goals and objectives
  • Discuss issues for clarity
  • Adapt and respond to change
  • Have a focus on relationships and team activities and results

The quality of success depends heavily on verbal and non-verbal activity. Any miscommunication can create issues and it must be managed and led wisely every day.

Leaders have to focus on organizational activity that involves and embraces change. Every aspect of the process is transactional and the foundation and emphasis must be on relationships. The speed of communication as it exists today and we witnessed organizations becoming centers of social media and strategy, regardless of both size and location. Tablets and smart phones make connections an important aspect of every company. It is a 24 hour a day situation. Regardless of innovation, managing people and organizations continue to be challenges that bring success only if processes are done right.

Stay focused on winning friends and influencing people makes the mission a sound one. A good team is capable of anything.


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