5 Carnegie Values to Maximize Opportunity

July 18, 2014

stock images opportunityMotivating organizations is a continuous task for both management and leadership. In our area, it just makes economic and business sense to get the most from every employee from suggestions to new ideas. Individuals in the organization who contribute on a daily basis are invaluable to the bottom line and the strength of the culture. Each team player collectively creates success each and every day.

Utilizing the core Carnegie principles are really important in this still tight economy. Getting everyone to grow together is a tremendous investment to everyone.

Here are a five very important Carnegie values that maximize opportunity:

  • Lead within a participative work environment: Work is integral to both living and the economy.  Offering a good company to work for, with resources, can grow productivity and efficiency.
  • Recognize the importance and value of people: When an organization supports every employee and the jobs they do, it is a major motivator in every culture and environment.  Going out of the way to shake an employee’s hand has a great impact.
  • Offer schedules that are flexible for maximum efficiency: Getting a full day of work in with children, day care or illness can often be a challenge. Allowing schedule flexibility in times where it is warranted builds both loyalty and morale.
  • Give every employee the opportunity for training and development:  Learning creates optimism, opportunity and success. Good training makes a difference. Improving skill makes everyone stronger.
  • Facilitate and coach in a team environment: Supporting employees and providing the right feedback are essential for motivation. People appreciate the involvement when it is done in a positive way. The support and learning are visible to everyone and key components to motivation and growth.

As everyone knows, opportunity is a big motivator to employees. It is an important aspect of organizational process and one of the best ways to create success.


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