14 Ways Leaders Grow Organizations

September 19, 2014

ambro relationshipsMotivation and engagement have to exist in a number of critical yet straightforward ways across organizations and businesses. Leaders know that actions like encouragement and enthusiasm are simple and important aspects of loyalty and commitment.

For true employee engagement, morale, passion, and respect will blend with fairness and trust to grow each and every employee. Good leadership guides and serves its followers. Integrity and relationships combine to create situations that grow opportunity.

Dale Carnegie Training believes leaders grow organizations in 14 key ways:

  • Set the example
  • Accept all ideas as valuable
  • Allow ground floor decision making and problem solving
  • Focus on successes rather than mistakes
  • Make every meeting count
  • Never play favorites
  • Set deadlines that are achievable
  • Give feedback to grow opportunity
  • Involve everyone with mission and vision
  • Communicate with honesty
  • Know every employee
  • Involve others in process improvement
  • Pay attention to others in a positive way
  • Share both good and bad news

Good leadership is based on good interpersonal skills. Positive environments grow people who are loyal and committed to the bottom line and profitability. Each employee knows that everyone is focused on producing together. The conduit for opportunity is built on team focused successes. Motivated employees offer important suggestions, share information that improves the business, and are more prone to buy into change and process adjustments.

Setting the stage for success is built on relationships and open communication. It is the responsibility of leaders to engage and grow the people around them. Respect sows respect and it builds commitment as well. Every situation is an opportunity to develop ideas and create a true learning environment. In fact, it is through creativity and risk that potential is realized in most circumstances.

Employee engagement and participative management help make every organization a better one. Involvement and opportunity grow business.


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