7 Aspects for Sales Effectiveness

September 26, 2014

Selling for a living is a dynamic and exciting process that involves many critical variables for success. Sales effectiveness can make a career and provide long lasting revenue; but being a sales leader in the industry you are selling in means hard work and dedication. Selling is never easy, especially over the extended term, but it drives every aspect of our economy.

Simply put, sales are an array of processes that are intended to provide solutions to client needs and wants. Every activity must be clearly defined and assessed to make the right opportunities for the client to consider.

Results are the true baseline and often the byproduct of a number of important sales ingredients. Although momentum is everything in sales, the more one has of the following qualifiers for success the better.

Dale Carnegie Training offers the following seven aspects for sales effectiveness:

  • Energy: Be upbeat and positive
  • Focus: Concentrate on the task at hand
  • Training: Dale Carnegie offers strategies for both sales skill and performance
  • Commitment: Stay in sales for the long haul with dedication
  • Target: The right client means everything
  • Preparation: Practice and opportunity go together
  • Delivery: Polished presentations can make the difference

In sales, it truly is all about doing everything right. There should never be any canned closes or pushy and manipulative techniques. It is not even about the close in sales, or even the next client. Doing it right means referrals and repeat opportunity. Every sale should be considered an opening rather than a closing; an opening for success and for service.

Education is always more important than pitches. Solving problems and finding solutions are at the heart of sales leadership. If sales professionals do it right, success always falls into place.


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